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Georges Perec once kept a journal of everything that went into his mouth- no judgment, elaboration or superlatives, only a stripped down description. I’ve attempted this on several occassions, but I’m always amazed at the kind of disciplined consciousness this requires. In any case, I might try again.

May 16 – airplane beef in brown gravy with potatoes and carrots, 2 cups of tea and milk.

May 17 – croissant au buerre, yaourt mûre myrtille in a terra cotta pot, cherries, buckwheat crêpes with crème fraiche, reblochon cheese, lardons and potatoes, dessert crêpe with caramel au beurre salé, little bowl of apple cider, side salad with mustard vinaigrette

May 18 – croissant au beurre, sandwich with saucisson sec and butter, chicken curry with rice, salad with cucumbers and radishes, metwurst, spargel soup, two small glasses of gaffel kölsch, rhubarb soda, pork schnitzel with lingonberry, kids leftover crème brûlée

May 19 – pretzel bread, yogurt, coldcuts, bread with butter and prosciutto, melon ice cream, spargel with hollandaise and prawns, monkfish wrapped in pancetta with sundried tomatoes, potatoes with white truffle butter, prosecco

May 20 – yogurt, pretzel bread, asperge blanche avec jamón iberico, red wine, charcuterie, côte de boeuf (saignant), pork belly, veal kidneys, chocolate mousse with chantilly cream

May 21 – croissant from laurent duchêne (our local MOF), poulet rôti with potatoes, gariguette strawberries, apricots, sips of katie’s rosé, katie’s special cookies, white wine, ramen with corn and butter, bottle of sapporo beer

May 22 – mediocre croissant (laurent duchêne was closed), mettwurst, yogurt, bluefoots, chantrelles and saint something or other (small caps and thin stalks), with asperge sauvage, sauteed in butter and served with slow poached quail eggs, asperge blanche with slices of magret fumé, roasted quail in redwine and cassis reduction, stuffed with butter soaked crutons, dried nectarines and parsley, with potato and parsnip mash, dessert paris brest, passion fruit/ raspberry tart, rhubarb/ raspberry tart, chocolate tart with a caramel au beurre salé bottom.

May 23 – croissant from laurent duchêne, strawberries and tomatoes, faux fillet (á point) and frites, rosé with A.T. Miller and Usman, braised pork cheeks, salad, “le grand moment du chevre,” spring onions slow cooked in butter, salad with grated beets, radishes, parsley, shallot vinaigrette, almond/ milk chocolate magnums.

May 24- croissant…, olives, apricots, cherries, strawberries, terrine de foie gras mi cuit, melted leeks with skate grenobloise, rosé, bonne maman chocolate in a pot and creme brulée.

May 25 – croissant, buckwheat crepe with white asparagus, creme fraiche, egg, gruyere and slices of magret fumé, dessert crepe with fraise gariguette, vanilla ice cream and rhubarb jam, dark wheat bread with butter, charcuterie (duck saucisson, porc saucisson, chorizo and “jamon de bellota”), “the hake” lightly steamed hake with pickled mustard seeds and mustard leaves, buttered croutons, dessert #1: strawberries with chantilly cream and candied buckwheat crepe, dessert #2: strawberry sauce with olive oil ganache and pistachio ice cream, post prandial stroll across pont des arts and 2? bottles of rosé.

May 26 – croissant, macaron au beurre salé, orange blossom flower macaron, cherry mamie nova yogurt, peach mamie nova yogurt, orangina sanguine, lamb tagine and rice and lasagne bolognese salty chicken with spaghetti in tomato sauce, la vache qui rit (in a slightly more spreadable form) with crackers, a couple bites of ham and cheese sandwich, welcome home meal: pam thai shrimp pad thai and duck salad.

septime,  frenchie, (paris by mouth),


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