May 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Sitting on the coast of hawaii or a place like hawaii, on a grass terrace a couple of meters above the beach, watching an old airplane write the same inscrutable thing across the sky over and over again. I can’t remember what he was writing, but I want to think it was that trumpet symbol in The Crying of Lot 49. It wrote like skywriting used to be done… like (A) not (B)… kind of like when figure skating and calligraphy were still kindred practices (C).


The sun was setting and it ran out of writing vapor so he finished with a gigantic loop da loop (sp?), just grazing the water’s surface, this action in turn caused a series of large waves, so large I started to be frightened, and then out of nowhere a huge air craft carrier not unlike the Intrepid crossed the path of the waves which by that time were so large it almost knocked the tanker over. The wake of the carrier somehow formed an even larger disturbance (of the tacoma narrows type, where the crossing of frequencies somehow creates something unpredictably huge). It all magically mixed and formed a gigantic, slow moving wave that rose so tall it engulfed my field of vision, which made it difficult to judge how far away it was. For some reason I just lied there, sure of my fate and quietly crying but at the moment it made contact with my shoulder, the image of it evaporated, everything turned dark and the darkness turned into the night sky, filled with stars.


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