May 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Marcos, my neighbor is probably one of the most interesting people I know. He’s lived in my building the longest, since before the wave of gentrification moving northwards from Chelsea had really taken hold of Hell’s Kitchen. hHs grandparents were Jews during the fall of the Ottoman empire and intended to emigrate to Argentina, they somehow ended up in Cuba. His family was deported to Spain because Marcos’ father helped organize student protests in Santiago de Cuba. France granted his family political asylum, but they eventually ended up in Miami where there was a small community of other “Jewbans.” Marcos grew up speaking  Ladino, a language I just recently learned about from Ms. Horstein’s good friend Celine, who’s writing her dissertation on new Ladino literature at Cal. After running away from home and enrolling himself in the New York public school system with forged documents (procured somewhere near times square, when it was that kind of place) when he was only 15. He’s now married to John and they co-parent a young and brilliant child. I was remarking to O that no one has stories like Marcos’ anymore, well, at least those circles are becoming more and more distant from my personal circle, it seems that these days everyone’s stories amount to little more than a list of (never truly) remarkable achievements.

May 30th (memorial day) saucisson sec, cheese, whole grain bread. whole grain bread with leftover chicken and gravy, family bbq dinner… homemade bbq sauce, pulled pork from a 10lb shoulder i procured from esposito’s (in the oven now), cole slaw, buns.


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