Sunday 6.5.11

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Sunday 6.5.11-  Salmon, dill, poached egg, pan roasted asparagus with garlic and arugula in a tomato and tarragon vinaigrette, coffee. Pork loin chops, pan roasted asparagus, arugula salad.

Monday 6.6.11 – Rilletes and scrambled eggs, agedashi tofu, pork gyoza, mustard greens with avocado, peppadews stuffed with cream cheese, prosciutto, rhubarb tart

Tuesday – 6.7.11 BBQ pork toasts, nectarine… chicken pastella, salad, beets.

Wednesday -6.8.11  Smoked salmon tartine with radishes, avocado, cucumber, dill. Radishes with butter and salt, Watermelon, tomato and feta cheese salad, Chicken under a brick, rhubarb tart (thanks Jon!)

Thursday – 6.9.11

Friday – 6.10.11 turkey cranberry sandwich on whole wheat, large and flavorless apricots, cherries. Lobster and drawn butter, sauvignon blanc.

Saturday – 6.12.11 Bacon, eggs, potatoes, fruit. Cupcake and potato chips. Sliders, little potatoes with sour cream and caviar, scallop and bacon, vegan ‘milk’shakes, sweet potato fries with garlic aioli, grilled vegetables, cheese, prosciutto, gluten free wedding cake, a couple glasses of white wine.

Sunday – 6.13.11 baba gannoush and various kebabs, shredded pork bbq

Monday – 6.14.11 vietnamese chicken tartine and coffee, salad with duck rilettes

Tuesday – 6.15.11 salad with pork cutlet, kippers with tomatoes,

Wednesday – 6.16.11 salad with pork cutlet…

Thursday – 6.17.11 1/2 a bbq pork bun, amy’s bread parmesean twist, escarole salad with toasted hazlenuts, lemon, olive oil, fresh fettucini with lamb ragu, sicilian pistachios, black pepper ricotta and mint, (hollyamber gnocchi with brown buttered pears), van leeuwen’s gianduja ice cream (hollyamber: ginger)

Friday – 6.18.11 grilled cheese with bacon, xi’an lamb and cumin noodles, peking duck, spanish olives, patron shots

Saturday – 6.19.11 carrots with hummus, devils on horseback, clams, oysters, fried shrimp, pizza with unindentifiable yet delicious toppings, beef carpaccio with spicy sauce, “free form” lobster ravioli with meyer lemon and lobster mushrooms and beurre blanc, halibut with garlic scapes, small dice of pears, asparagus, assorted mini desserts and lemon curd wedding cake.

Sunday – 6.20.11 croissant, orange juice, peet’s coffee, strawberry smoothie (thanks mark!), dunkin’ donuts hash browns with ketchup and mayo, braised kalbi, jigae with cod roe, pork belly with oysters lightly pickled napa cabbage and hot sauces, hite beer, soju, greyhound

Monday – 6.21.11 shack stack, fries, arnold palmer, apfel strudel, coffee, spinach salad with grapes, grape tomatoes, red onion, avocado, strawberries and yogurt

Tuesday – 6.22.11 pork and crab dry noodles, stupidly sub par dim sum at mandarin oriental with stupidly delicious beet juice/ginger cocktail.

Wednesday – 6.23.11 challah knot with butter, spinach and mushroom quiche, shrimp dumplings in peanut sauce and hot oil, soup dumplings, peking duck, hollow vegetable, shredded beef with green beans, box wine

Thursday – 6.24.11 crispy thai basil pork

Friday – 6.25.11 morning bun, bon chon chicken

Saturday – 6.26.11 crispy thai basil pork leftovers, burgers, slaw, poundcake with blueberry and lavendar syrup

Sunday – 6.27.11 carnitas tacos, wilted arugula salad with poached egg, sauteed tomatoes, garlic, shallots, thyme

Monday – 6.28.11 two conettos from sullivan street bakery (#1 prociutto with gruyere and bechamel, #2 strawberry, rhubarb, mascarpone crumble), potato pizza, and (planned) porchetta sandwich


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