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sketches (for summer dishes)
  • Shrimp with Roasted Shishito Peppers and Sweet Corn Relish with charred scallion whites
  • Chive crepes stuffed with lobster, carrot ginger emulsion
  • Duck breast with bourbon roasted peach on a sweet corn pudding
  • herb crusted lamb noisette with beet and lemon gastrique
  • individual angel foot cakes with basil milk ice cream and balsamic strawberries

meat systems…

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Fascinating isn’t it… that each country has their meat system.

British Beef: 1. neck and clod; 2. chuck and blade; 3. fore rib; 4. thick rib; 5. thin rib; 6. rolled ribs; 7. sirloin; 8. rump; 9. silverside; 10. topside; 11. thick flank; 12. leg; 13. flank; 14. brisket; 15. shin

American Beef:  1. chuck; 2. flanken-style ribs; 3. rib; 4. back ribs; 5. short loin; 6. Porterhouse steak; 7. tenderloin; 8. sirloin; 9. round; 10. boneless rump roast; 11. round steak; 12. hind shank; 13. flank; 14. flank steak rolls; 15. short plate; 16. brisket; 17. fore shank

French Beef: 1, 2. collier (neck); 3. basses-côtes; 4. jumeau for grilling or frying; 5. jumeau for stewing; 6. macreuse; 7. plat de côtes découvert (uncovered rib); 8. plat de côtes couvert (covered rib); 9. gîte de derrière; 11. entre-côte; 12. hampe; 13. poitrine; 14. faux-filet; 15. filet; 16. bavette for grilling or frying; 17. bavette for stewing; 18. flanchet; 19. romsteck (rump steak); 20. aiguillette baronne; 21. rond de tranche basse; 22. tranche; 23. gîte à la noix; 24. queue (tail)

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Menu sketches

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Hollyamber baby shower
  • curried chicken salad in wonton cups
  • crab salad on beet chips
  • rilettes on toast points with radishes
  • apple blue cheese phyllo turnovers
  • baby potatoes with saffron aioli
  • orange blossom water madeleines
  • lavender, earl gray and matcha shortbread
  • gougeres
  • duck rilettes on toast points
  • caramelized onion tartlettes
  • mini leek  quiches
Dinner for 6 draft
  • brick roasted chicken with fire escape herbage
  • potatoes with saffron aioli
  • lentils with carrots, thyme, eggplant, roasted eggplant and fennel on top
  • salad
  • apple strudel
Parents brunch
  • Asparagus and gruyere tart
  • poached eggs
  • prosciutto
  • pear souffle pancake

kanom krok

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Crispy & soft, sweet & savory coconut ‘pudding’

In college and after college every once in a while we’d motivate and head down to the Berkeley Thai Temple aka Wat Mongkolratanaram where every Sunday they’d set up these amazing Thai food stalls in their courtyard. It was there that I first discovered Kanom Krok (it’s transliterated so you’ll find many different spelling variations). In any case it was this crispy on the outside puddingy on the inside coconut and scallion parcel of oozing deliciousness. I’ve been craving it for SO long. Not even the absolute best Thai places in New York serve it… well Sripraphai serves it but it’s frozen… which is just wrong.

A couple of Christmas times ago a friend gave me an Ebelskiver griddle… and there’s nothing that I hate more than getting a one-task tool in the kitchen, but then I realized one day, all it’s doing is making it easier to fill spherical type foods… et voila! The dream of Kanom Krok was revived. I first made this for my friends Jon Kief and Ginger Nolan to hearty approval. I will make it again, this time with documentation.

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cafe sabarsky – apfelstrudel mit schlag!

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This is the best Apple strudel I’ve ever tasted. It followed a little tramp to the Shake Shack’s newest location  just off of museum row where Susan and I shared a Shack Stack, crinkle fries (that extra surface area totally makes a difference) and washed it all down with an Arnold Palmer. Anyway—back to the streudel, which can be found at Café Sabarsky on the first floor of the Neue Galerie—one of my favorite small museums in New York. The place is amazing, you really do feel like you’ve stepped off of Park Avenue and into Belle Epoque Vienna.

I looked up the recipe and wanted to include it here for posterity. I think the secret is all of the bread crumbs… which soak up all the liquid that the apples give off… other recipes I’ve seen cook the apples to drive off the liquid, but then you get cooked apple flavor, which in and of itself is not a bad thing—it just tastes too much like apple pie. Now this thing, this thing tasted like an apple orchard. The raw apples are cooked for a super short time and the liquid is soaked up by the bread crumbs… making for the most delicious über freshness I’ve ever put into my mouth… mit schlag! Image courtesy of Ms. Susan Hwang of Kimchi con Queso.

Cafe Sabarsky Apfelstrudel

Strudel mix –
9 apples
84 g sour cream
13 g rum
84 g sugar
117 g sweet bread crumbs
50 g bread crumbs
33 g raisins
17 g dried currants
33 g walnuts

Sweet crumbs –
28 g butter
28 g sugar
55 g bread crumbs

Peel, core and slice apples thinly. Mix together sour cream and rum. With your hands, mix together apples with all ingredients. Melt butter, add sugar and mix until dissolved. Add bread crumbs and mix well. For each strudel use 5 sheets of philo dough with melted butter and powdered sugar between layer. Roll the strudel mix in the philo dough tightly, tuck the ends under and brush with melted butter. Dust with powdered sugar. Bake at 450F for about 20 minutes until golden and caramelized on top.


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This morning’s breakfast harvest: baby lettuces, purslane, arugula, amaranth leaves, a shishito pepper, parsley. I ate it with some confit and a fried egg– yum!!


Soane & Stirling

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Favorite things got me thinking of favorite plans… Here the Brits represent… John Soane’s Bank of England 1851 and James Stirling’s Berlin Wissenschaftszentrum… as with all of Stirling’s buildings I prefer the plan to the building.

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