Belated Birthday Dinner & Hollyamber’s invitations

October 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Belated Birthday Dinner @ Annisa

  1. amuse bouche – crispy phyllo shell with chicken liver mousse & crunchy mustard
  2. tuna hot and cold – tartare with cucumbers in a spicy mayo & charred yuzu rubbed belly
  3. olive oil poached salmon on top of blistered shishito peppers with two sauces (one almond & one lobster roe)
  4. duck 3 ways – seared duck breast with minced papaya, duck broth with anise and cashews, duck rilettes with cucumber
  5. meyer lemon bread pudding with poppy sauce, bourbon beignets with bourbon ice cream
  6. all with a savannier… from i don’t know when
  7. beet soda cocktail
  8. saint germain cocktail with champagne, tarragon, chartreuse  and pink peppercorns

So instead of working on my paper (which in the course of attempting to understand what happened during the Los Angeles riots turns to Spinoza, Charles Nicolas Ledoux, Michael Hardt, George Rudé, Elias Canetti, Freud (duh), Benjamin, Baudelaire  and Theodor Adorno… and that’s only the beginning… I’m not patting myself on the back here… this paper has gotten decisively out of control. In any case, in order to extract myself from the madness I decided I while away my hours on my next crafty adventure … Hollyamber’s babyshower. See image:

I did this with the lifestyle crafts “Epic 6” home letterpress. This took a while to get used to, but with a little practice they started coming out perfectly. I got alot of help from Boxcar press who not only did the photopolymer plates… (with a 1 day turnaround and super fast shipping!!!)  but also provided all the tips and tricks needed for an awesome epic six experience, as there were many little issues with a tiny plastic machine that attempts to do what a huge heavy steel machine usually does.


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