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sol lewitt

robert morris

janine antoni

the employees of the new brunswick wal mart

There were of course other cubes that I wanted to include… (in order from most to least favorite) Hesse’s Accession, Haacke’s Condensation Cube, Tom Friedman’s Pedestal with Flies, Corbusier’s Boîte à Miracles, Bruce Nauman’s Cast of the Space Under My Chair, Rachel Whiteread did at some point find a perfectly cubey room to castTara Donovan’s Toothpicks, Dan Graham’s Untitled (chromium sprayed glass cubes),Yayoi Kusama (there are a couple that she did… that involved mirrored cubes inside a cube shaped mirrored room with a field of twinkly lights between them), Tony Smith’s Die,  Jeff Koons’ Untitled (Basketball suspended in an aquarium), but the photographs didn’t quite cut the mustard. Jeppe Hein is a young artist obsessed with cubes… but I don’t know how I feel about his cubes yet (which have reached a sort of upper limit of cleverness/ self-awareness)…


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