Why I miss France so much…

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This is our booty from Marché Avenue President Wilson

blossoming thyme, spring onion, girolles (chanterelles), petit pois, breakfast radishes, multi-colored carrots, shallots, purple garlic, lemons, fresh almonds, cherry tomatoes… oh yeah and there’s an avocado in there too… french are super fond of the avocado.


If I had the time…

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…Classes I’d like to take

Paris Redux

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An amazing, AMAZING trip to Paris, filled with awesomeness.  I only wish I had savored it more. Next time I will prioritize a trip to the Hammam and 3 or 4 more trips to Pierre Hermé than I made, and a couple of slow moments at a Salon de Thé.

Fraise du Bois (our picnic right off of Boulevard Raspail) after our whirlwind traipse through Le Grande Epicerie. Daryl (in the distance) is thinking wistfully about his next meal. While there we ate a baguette, some fresh goats cheese, some Ossau Iraty, some spiced sausage of Pata Negra (the French prefer Spanish pork awesomeness).

Which would be this! Perhaps one of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had, at Frenchie on 5-6 Rue de Nil. This is the amazing veal I had, with artichoke purée, favas, lambs quarters, tomatoes and super dense jus. Also eaten that night: an amazing torchon de foie gras with rhubarb and strawberry chutney (spiked with mustard seeds), maigre (unsure of translation) with crushed raspberries and frozen cucumber granita, and an amazing cherry ice cream with vanilla crème fraiche and fresh almonds, carrot cake with black sesame ice cream, and delicious natural wines.

Daryl, being the gainfully employed sibling took me to the French Open Final. I really wanted Nadal to win… but I still felt bad for Djokovic. It felt ridiculous that besides that dude in the grey, mine was the only camera pointed at him—defeat is so poignant!

This, the wine and the dessert (strawberries and cherries under a perfect cloud of chantilly with a sprinkling of elder flowers)  were the best things we had at Chateaubriand. I think it’s near impossible to find Boudin Noir stateside, at least in a Boucherie. They may serve it at Balthazar and at Les Halles. I tried to repeat this dish in the supper I cooked up for the fam. The image below is my attempt to copy the above… pretty good, eh?

I’m not a fan of tours, but this one was pretty awesome—the cheese tour by Meg Zimbeck of Paris by mouth. As far as I can remember the two cheeses on the top left plate are two different ages of Ossau Iraty the wrapped is the more typical 5-6 month age and the unwrapped is the far rarer 30 month old… which is really on the brink, any longer and the rind would be eaten through by cheese mites! As it just so happens this is also when the cheese is at the height of its caramelly loveliness, which we procured at the amazing Barthélémy cheese shop at 51 Rue de Grenelle in the 7th.  The plate on the top right is the Brie team!  Brie de Meaux affiné, Brie de Melun, and the lest common Brie de Nangis, I’m not sure which is which, though I’m pretty sure the oozing one is the Brie de Meaux and the firmest one was the Melun, the most ammonia-y was the Nangis and I think the last was a camembert. On the Goat team is a fresh goat cheese with herbs, a Mont Ventoux and if I remember correctly a Rocamadour. On the strong plate is Epoisses, chunks of Mimolette, a hunk of Camembert and I don’t think we got to eat the last one.

Mes Amis, my favorite things about Paris!!! Lucky for me they will soon be joining us on the eastern seaboard of Ahhhmerika. Katie and Victoire shared some of their final savor days with us. Thank you for always showing us such a wonderful time—I can’t wait for our next food adventures in boucherie!

Another Idea for the Bro’s B-Day

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My bro is moving to Long Island, he’s going to do a fellowship at SUNY Stony Brook. We just came back from Paris, and he was really looking forward to eating just one thing – Blanquette de Veau from Chez Denise in the heart of the belly of Paris on 5 Rue de Prouvaires. Unfortunately they did not have it that day. Instead we had am amazing gigantic brochette of lamb, “haricots du mouton,” huge slabs of foie gras, snails and a lovely medium rare salmon in mustard sauce, with the obligatory heap of frites, all seasoned with a big pot of sel guerande and washed down with bottle of burgundy. This was probably O’s favorite meal of the trip. But my brother still longed for that Blanquette de Veau, so I’m thinking I might make it for his birthday this year… though it would really be more appropriate for a X-Mas dish.

This recipe is from the NY Times

This recipe is from Anthony Bourdain, now I’m tempted to do this one, since my brother did first cultivate this hunger by watching Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations episode on Paris, but it’s enriched with flour, and I prefer reduced sauces like the one above.

I will also consult the Larousse Gastronomique.


April Bloomfield’s Ricotta Gnudi

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I last had this for my 23rd birthday, almost 10 years ago now, have been craving it for the last couple of days. Am thinking of cooking this for my bro for his birthday, which means I’d have to start it on the 4th of July.

Dessert recipes

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Passionfruit mini tarts w/ raspberries


Buttermilk Pannacotta with Strawberry Rhubarb compote

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