Belly Puja & Delhi Belly

January 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


I’ve decided to slowly build up my courage (i.e. immunity) to street food. Perhaps I’ll start with jalebis, move on to street chappathis and samosas, then to kulfi and various other dairy products and finally to the coveted golgappa—the true test of the stomach of steel. I’m pretty certain a childhood spent popping antibiotics has left my stomach lacking a certain bio-diversity—but maybe these adventures might help. I hereby announce that I am tempting the gods of fate by offering the sacrifice of predictable bowel movements! I figure life and food here is like a long war between stomach and parasite until following several epic battles over the hallowed porcelain grounds one’s body reaches that magic state of equilibria—call it immunity, I call it harmony—a balance of bodily flora, far more difficult to achieve for  those who grew up in lands conquered by that madman Pasteur!!!!

As with almost everything in my life I start with a bit of research.

This woman is awesome.//Among other things this super literate Delhi Walla writes about food. //He also wrote a lovely description/ sad story about the neighborhood we live in.


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