Funes, El Memorioso

February 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

Funes the memorious is one of my favorite Borges short stories. Today… on account of the fact that I was still experiencing the fleeting grumblings of a minor bout with Delhi Belly I did very little. Though each tiny episode in this little village (the trip to Vip, the hours at Flipside) seemed to open up a whole world. Funes had to severely limit the world he was exposed to, as every sound conjured the world… expanding horizontally in his panoramic mind, unable to move forward in time. He was unable to link ideas in succession as each moment provided a new world. Preshant Keshavmurthy, a professor of Persian Literature at McGill commented on a photo of O & I in Delhi that …
هست در هر گوشه این شهر دنیا ی دیگر

Which translates to “In Delhi, in every corner of the city another world is born.” Or something like that. In the microcosm of this neighborhood, in the labyrinth of a tiny used book store there are so many worlds.

Anyway, perhaps this might explain why this is my fifth post of today. Signing off.


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