The Museum Meiji Mura

February 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

museum-meiji-mura-nagoyaOne of my students in my non-West class wrote his paper on Meiji era architecture and happened upon this… The Museum Meiji-Mura, which opened in 1965 is an open-air museum for preserving and exhibiting Japanese architecture of the Meiji Period, (1868-1912). Most of these structures were relocated from Tokyo. The buildings were far too small to withstand real estate pressures, yet too ‘architecturally significant’ to destroy. Thus, many of these structures were relocated brick by brick to the museum. Among the collection is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel… which is actually about a decade after the close of the Meiji period. In any case, as you can see from the photo the Meiji period is when the Japanese first became interested in Western architecture, so you see some vaguely Palladian and Victorian buildings in the photo above. I love how they incorporated the Meiji era bridges into the museum, I also love how the trolley ride departs from an actual salvaged station… heehee. As far as I know there aren’t any other examples of architecture museums, with real architecture in it.


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