Philippines Eats (photos to come)

March 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

DSCN0894Above is the woman who fried our piping hot Turrones Saging at Langka, which are basically plantains with jackfruit wrapped up in an eggroll wrapper, rolled in sugar similar to turbinado sugar and then fried. The woman’s son, sitting next to where I was standing when I was taking the photos was rolling the turrones. When my cousin, mom and I were running an errand in Malate, we walked right by this woman. I was still full from breakfast, but I couldn’t resist — they were so fragrant and steaming and delicious looking. Well we bought a couple and we didn’t regret it. A couple days later when I was in the area again we sought her out and bought 12, along with some kamote fries and banana-Q to round the cost up to 100 pesos. Back in the states this is one of the tastes that I crave… fresh jackfruit used to be so hard to find there… but when I was in Vegas last I actually found some… and it wasn’t preserved, but fresh! So dad & I whipped up a batch for Christmas, which I think I’ll do again next Christmas. My more ambitious plan is to build a proper Bibingka charcoal stove—am thinking of procuring some of that uber high quality Japanese binchotan charcoal.


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