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Met up with Thomas Kosbau of ORE & Eric Bunge of NArchitects to visit Chandigarh. I’ll write more about this soon. It was awesome… and the students were especially great, but sadly didn’t get to see the Assembly Hall or the tower of shadows as congress was in session.

Many parts of Chandigarh are in a state of decay—as evidenced by the strangely poetic assemblage of trash in the last photo (on the roof of the Secretariat). By the time that Corbusier began to design Chandigarh’s capitol complex he was already considering what his buildings would look like in perpetuity, having fully embraced béton brut (unfinished concrete). Having already witnessed the effects of weather on his earlier rendered work, Corbusier realized before Nikolaus Pevsner’s critique that white would not be the color of modernism. See Pevsner “Time and Le Corbusier” in Architectural Review, March 1959, p. 159-165.



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