April 27, 2013 § Leave a comment


So I’m up here in beautiful Beechhaven, prepping some stuff for the wedding. Adam and I decided to go for an early morning hike. Adam wondered aloud… “I wonder if we’re  going to find any ramps or morels.” I thought the possibility would be too good to be true… but then we caught sight of a bright patch of green mountainside soaking up the spring sun… and it was ramps.

… Oh we found ramps… more ramps than you ever did see… more ramps than you could eat in a decade. And yeah we’re gonna pickle ’em. Gonna pickle like madmen. Already made a frittata, gonna make a tagliatelle with ramps (and hopefully some morels). We also found some fiddlehead ferns in there and threw those in the frittata as well. Adam kept nibbling random things… nettles, dandelion greens and things he was just certain ‘looked’ edible.

Beech Haven is like an untapped treasure trove of forageable foods… I wonder if I can find some wild asparagus. In June I’ve found fraises du bois, there’s always wild thyme growing everywhere, I’m a bit too scared to tempt mushroom hunting, but there are plenty of fungi up there. Ahhhhhh… Spring has never made me happier!


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