Friends Are the Best!

May 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

My Friends are awesome. Now I have proof, not that I haven’t always had proof, but now I have awesome built proof, a modest monument to their super awesome generosity. They are not only awesome to me, but awesome to my future hubs Owen, who was really sad to have missed this.Image

From left is Josh, Rafie (his face doesn’t always look like that—sorry about the terrible photo Rafie), Adam, Nick, Alexis, Taeryn, Frej, Dong and Alda. Did I mention how much I love these guys??? I love these guys! It was a great weekend, and YES, we did pick more ramps, and we did eat yet another ramp frittata, and yes we had more ramp pizza. It’s amazing actually that we finished the deck and still managed to have time to dip in the hot tub (in shifts), drink plenty of beer, build a small fire, make  delicious food, take a couple of lovely hikes, catch up (most importantly) & sleep soundly.


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