Dream Diary

May 18, 2013 § 1 Comment

Ted-High-Res-004A huge body of water at least 40 meters down from the platform we were standing on (like the river behind the Taj Mahal)  had huge ducks/ swans with pigeon markings on them—like enormous swan pigeons. Ted Allen (the food guy from queer eye) was there, we had given him a big photography book of Helen Levitt’s. Some young gay kid in a lemon yellow sweater whisked it away screaming about how wonderful it was, all the while pointing out details. I think he was wearing chambray Keds. And then he and Jonathan Massey who’s also at the conference I’m attending this weekend (and was camping it up wearing a fabulous spring plaid blazer… in real life AND the dream)… started running in a cricle. I was running in the circle with both him and Ted. Suddenly we were flamenco clapping and declaring that we had given birth to spanish music. I had trouble keeping up with the syncopation. Somehow there were also two beautiful twin sisters involved. They were in the pool next to the white circular pavilion we were in… they were in these waterproof mint green gowns that were all the rage. I’m going to work out now. 


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