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November 26, 2013 § 1 Comment

What is this blog for? I rarely write in it and no one reads it (except for Owen and maybe Gail on occasion… hi guys!). I once explained to my advisor that I use it as a way to practice writing… but the writing is truly horrible—a grammatical disaster floating on a flash flooded stream of consciousness. Just look at the punctuation of that last sentence. The ellipse, which (when not used in a properly academic context), that is to say in normal everyday prose, snuck into the written language, I’m pretty sure through emails—conversational pauses… I use them liberally…

I guess it’s a way to catalog a random remix of thoughts that sometimes coalesces into a half idea. Whenever Katie and Viktor come into town we inevitably do something far more interesting than I will allow myself in my normal day to day. We started our day with lunch at a Mughlai restaurant on the East side, after which I introduced them to the wonderland of Kalustyan’s. That was followed by a traipse about the Met where we saw an adorable little etching show and the Global textiles show, which is amazing. Sometimes I think that architecture is the wrong object to talk about what I’d like to talk about (among other things, the aesthetics of cultural exchange)… which seem to be far more organic (less self-conscious) in textiles… where you see Hapsburgian eagles embroidered into Mexican wedding shawls, chasubles and hooded copes embellished in gold (for candlelit services), Gujurati muslins intended draping women with a taste for ‘Classiscal’ dress, an 19th c. cross stitch sampler labored over by a 13 year old American obsessed with Harems… That was followed by oysters at the lobster place (one of my favorite things about this city), and then Sichuan food at Legend. Owen downloaded the Alexander Romance onto Katie and Viktor… and we headed home in the freezing cold. Back home we continued to talk about what each of us was working on. As always happens when K & V are around we suggested articles to each other. Before going to bed I made Viktor watch a truly difficult video on labor conditions in Qatar and Katie made me read a seriously difficult, though beautifully written piece by Ariel Levy.

OK Katie’s awake now… will finish this later.


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