Thirteen Factories – American Neoclassicism in Guangzhou

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Anthony Bourdain (a placeholder)

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I’m trying to finish an article on the Philippines… it is the first time I’ll be writing about OFWs … it’s a history of the mall in the Philippines. It will take me too long to explain the connection.

This is a placeholder — Anthony Bourdain’s essay on the Philippines. I don’t know that he ever got to the bottom of why “Filipinos were so damn caring.”

I will have to explain this later, but in short, because it’s their job. That doesn’t make it fake, truly caring is what makes the job bearable.


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Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker,” Thomas Crawford’s “The Dying Chief Contemplating the Progress of Civilization,” and a photograph by Alice Seeley Harris, “Father stares at the hand and foot of his five-year-old, severed as a punishment for failing to make the daily rubber quota, Belgian Congo, 1904”





The photograph is by Alice Seeley Harris, the man’s name is Nsala. Here is part of her account (from the book “Don’t Call Me Lady: The Journey of Lady Alice Seeley Harris”): He hadn’t made his rubber quota for the day so the Belgian-appointed overseers had cut off his daughter’s hand and foot. Her name was Boali. She was five years old. Then they killed her. But they weren’t finished. Then they killed his wife too. And because that didn’t seem quite cruel enough, quite strong enough to make their case, they cannibalized both Boali and her mother. And they presented Nsala with the tokens, the leftovers from the once living body of his darling child whom he so loved. His life was destroyed. They had partially destroyed it anyway by forcing his servitude but this act finished it for him. All of this filth had occurred because one man, one man who lived thousands of miles across the sea, one man who couldn’t get rich enough, had decreed that this land was his and that these people should serve his own greed. Leopold had not given any thought to the idea that these African children, these men and women, were our fully human brothers, created equally by the same Hand that had created his own lineage of European Royalty.

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